Neuroteach Global Student

Empower Students to Take Ownership of their Learning 

There is a chasm between how students approach learning and the research on what study strategies work best. History tells us this gap is wide and hard to cross. As they progress in their academic journeys, many students begin to realize that their current study habits aren’t very effective. This doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them; it just means they need to adopt more productive learning strategies. 

The good news: The Science of Learning can help.

Neuroteach Global Student (NTGS) is the latest innovation in Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) Science from The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL) at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. The set of six modules targeted to middle school, high school and early collegiate students leverages technology and Science of Learning research to disrupt traditional ways students develop study strategies. NTGS empowers students to become more efficient, confident and self-directed learners.

Customizable / Customized Feedback
Built-in Experiments & Missions

After completing the NTGS evidence-based modules, students will be better prepared to:

  • Stay more engaged during class
  • Take better notes that help with memory recall and preparing for tests
  • Improve memory retention and recall
  • Create organized, effective, and efficient study habits
  • Improve academic confidence and test taking skills
  • Get the most out of time spent studying

The NTGS Approach

Neuroteach Global Student (NTGS) puts the best research on what helps the brain learn directly into the hands of students. NTGS helps each student understand their current areas of learning strengths and challenges and helps build self-efficacy by making the science of studying come to life in simple ways they can use every day. The NTGS approach includes:

  • Strategies supported by the best research on the science of learning
  • Lessons developed by a team of classroom teachers with input from students and researchers
  • High impact strategies taught using multiple modalities
  • Real-world missions to apply strategies to current schoolwork
  • The option to let the student choose their own path through the modules
  • Brain Lab experiments to see how well each strategy works, and support to help students adapt it to their needs
  • Help with planning how to apply learning, unpacking how it went, and what might come next