Neuroteach Global is the latest innovation in Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) Science from The Center for Transformative Teaching & Learning (CTTL) at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. As the first MBE research center based in a pre-collegiate school with an international public purpose, the CTTL enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with St. Andrew’s: the CTTL trains the school’s Preschool-12 teachers in the latest research-informed MBE strategies, and the school provides a practical incubator for testing and refining them. This creates a special relationship between researchers, teachers, and students, all of whom offer crucial feedback that leads to continuous progress in understanding how the brain works and thrives in a learning environment.

The knowledge generated by the CTTL and St. Andrew’s has extended far beyond the halls of the school itself. The book Neuroteach was born from the experience of researchers Glenn Whitman and Ian Kelleher, who wanted to share the impact of their findings with more educators; the CTTL’s Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy attracts teachers from around the world to come and learn new MBE-informed practices for student success. Whitman and Kelleher have presented to, worked with, and trained teachers from over 200 public, charter, state, international, and private schools in 23 states and fifteen countries.

Neuroteach Global is the first online experience that mirrors the weeklong Science of Teaching and School Leadership Academy, inviting educators who can’t attend in person to experience the difference that MBE research-informed strategies can make in the lives of their students. It also offers a powerful option to school districts, giving them the power to impart these strategies to their entire workforce at once—in bite-sized, memorable, experience-based lessons that are made to stick, using the Science of Learning to teach the Science of Learning.