For Administrators

Learn about how Delta County, CO launched Neuroteach Global across the entire school district.

The growing body of Mind, Brain and Education (MBE) science research offers a transformative opportunity to district leaders and school administrators. Forward-thinking leaders in education often recognize their teachers’ knowledge gap in this field; the challenge lies in accessing this research at scale, accompanied by a way to measure progress, and incorporating tested strategies for actionable changes in teacher achievement and student well-being.

Neuroteach Global is the answer to that challenge. The course offers professional development about the Science of Learning, based on the Science of Learning: with 12 hours of intentionally spaced micro-learning (3-5 minutes at a time over a period of roughly four weeks), the takeaways and strategies that teachers learn are immediately applicable and effectively incorporated into their working knowledge in the classroom.

Administrators, in turn, receive individual and teacher cohort user data that helps them track the progress of their teams—and further support learning in MBE science. To learn more about how Neuroteach Global can transform schools and districts, please send us a message. Make sure to ask about school and district pricing for more than 50 users.

“Neuroteach Global will provide a thought-provoking, classroom applicable resource to supplement the professional learning that teachers and administrators need about MBE science. The ability to deliver high-quality content in a meaningful way, and do it in a way that honors the life of the educator—choice of time, location, and device—is a breakthrough! We look forward to using Neuroteach Global.”

Meg Lee
Director, Organizational Development, Frederick County Public Schools, MD