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Neuroteach Global Course Features

Transform your teaching with an innovative, flexible approach to understanding how your students’ brains learn, work, and thrive. Every one-hour micro-course includes:

Interactive Text Adventures

Use research-informed Mind, Brain, and Education (MBE) science of learning research and strategies to transform the fictional classrooms and students of Dewey High—right from your phone.

Real-World Missions

Apply the strategies you’ve learned in the interactive adventures with your own students. Real coaches review your submissions and provide feedback within 72 hours.

Cutting-Edge Research & Field Guides

Neuroteach Global is informed by the expertise and experience of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning at St. Andrew’s that is led by the co-authors of Neuroteach. Their research base is embedded into each micro-learning experience and can be reviewed in a Field Guide that accompanies each micro-course.

Three Levels of User Feedback, Insight, and Mentorship

Each virtual experience produces immediate user feedback, and participants receive an engagement report after completing each micro-course.

Working for the Greater Good

With each completed micro-course, users help under-resourced teachers and schools around the world experience Neuroteach Global, as well as access to the CTTL’s printed resources or in-person programs. Participants earn Gems that are donated to school and teachers who are committed to challenging and supporting their students through the understanding of the Science of Learning.

Participate, Learn, & Share the Benefits

Complete the course individually at your own pace, or as part of a school-based team or Professional Learning Community (PLC), or entire school district. Make an even greater positive impact as you progress by earning Neuroteach Global Scholarships for teachers in under-resourced schools throughout the world.




Level I Course Outline

Level I is now live, with Level II launching in Fall 2019 & Level III in January 2020. Level I offers 12 micro-courses within its four learning tracks:

Track 1: Learning Environments
Track 2: Curriculum Design
Track 3: Pedagogy & Assessment
Track 4: Student Success & Well-Being


“I enjoyed the innovation and using a tool that takes a different approach to implementing ideas from professional development sessions.”

Jason T. William
Principal, Northeast High School

“I liked that there was a coach willing to help us out, talk to us and give us feedback.”

Marta Medina-Hernandez
Teacher, Meade High School

“I believe this would be beneficial for new teachers after they have been in the field for a while AND for seasoned teachers to evaluate their practice!”

Sue Grabe
Induction Coach, Grant Wood Area Education Agency

“As a micro-course designed with the busy teacher in mind, Neuroteach Global hits the mark. Its simple, concise approach introduces and examines topics clearly and in a way that makes the content accessible, engaging, and memorable. The course provides a well-designed entry point for teachers into Science of Learning concepts and is an innovative and engaging way to deliver professional development.”

Fatima Jibril

“It was an enriching experience that didn’t take a large time commitment – which I think is the perfect mix for teachers!”

Deanna Detmer
Kent Denver School

“I like how the learning is self-paced, and how you have the opportunity to learn from a mistake—to try it again.”

Larissa Bosman
American International School of Johannesburg

“The course was very easy to navigate. The length of each chapter was perfect as it provided large amounts of good information in manageable ‘chunks!’”

Mary McGonagle
Park Tudor School, IN

“I very much enjoyed the short sessions and the quick ideas to transform my classroom.”

Alli Treese
Princeton Day School, NJ

“I think the Neuroteach Global initiative you have launched is truly outstanding. The content thoroughly encompasses the latest cognitive science research about learning and your menu-driven and bite-sized options for online learning are mindful of the time pressures teachers face–all with lots of immediate feedback via personal coaching. This professional learning model is what ultimately will make a difference in the translation of best-practice learning research into more effective day-to-day teaching and student learning. Much of this information is available online (or in print) but few providers, if any, have thought through how to deliver it to teachers in clear and meaningful ways that models deliberate practice.”

Kevin Mattingly
Associate Professor, Teachers College, Columbia University

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